So there I was, minding my own business, trying to get some grime off of the side of the tub, when my life changed forever.  I know all about grime, scum, and all other forms of mildew and bacteria that form on the side of unwashed porcelain. But it’s something I have to know, I […]

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Alfred turned nine today and he got a very special present from his grandpa. At first, when he finally got through all of the other presents – the ones from his friends and his mom and dad, even the maid, Sandra – he looked up at his grandpa with eyes so wide he thought he probably looked […]

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June 30th, 2011

When it’s been so long, and the aching in my chest still appears out of nowhere as if it’s never gone away, it makes me feel like you’re still a part of my life. In actuality, you’re long gone, and I understand that. I know you were about half as serious about us as I […]

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Dave, an average Joe from Mississauga, now living in Hamilton, was enjoying a soothing walk along the boulevard on a night where the moon was very low in the sky; or so it seemed from his point of view. There was a slight chill in the air, but it wasn’t cool enough to bite through […]



I was scared. More than anything, I was petrified. The daunting heat easily permeated my visor, and I could feel smoke filling my lungs as I climbed the stairwell. Noises – there were so many: screams and cries for help, reverberating thuds, cracks. Louder than any of these was the sound of my own heart […]

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Crushing inside the cave, Desolation; A void in the void Split down the middle So long ago   Renewed sentiment; that I crave Something more than being toyed Love’s a fucking riddle Nevertheless, I’m a pro   Crack the shell; Listen to the squish That once resided within   Once a pleasant knell With the […]

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Crushing, vice-grips on my core, Leave me breathless, Obsessing over what’s in store   Probably nothing..   Gazing, the familiar eyes of strangers, Leave me senseless, Contemplating all sorts of unlikely dangers   Build a wall with bricks made of false memories The mortar is lies, an untrue story Lies fabricated by the nonexistent passenger […]

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She loved sunflowers! I’d always been the typical roses kind of guy with the others. She changed that. She changed a lot about me. She made me want to try new things. I think back and I struggle to grasp how anyone could make me feel that way. How she could have seen what she […]

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Disconnectedly Connected

Hey! Yeah you, the person reading this on their phone. Take a deep breath for me and think about how long it’s been since you looked up and soaked in your surroundings. Are you with your friends? At work? Out in public? Really take take a moment to realize where you are. If you’re outside, […]

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